Bosses ‘N’ Mums supports ambitious women to set goals, create plans and build confidence in their career or business while managing family life. Bosses ‘N’ Mums provide training for professional women or women who wish to start or grow a business while learning how to manage family life. Our services help women to build the skills they need for a successful career and business.


Being a parent can be challenging on its own. Bosses ‘N’ Mums understand the needs of mums and the support they require especially those who yearn for flexible work or want to become their own boss.

We focus on supporting mums in managing their business and family life through our unique and flexible training courses. Bosses ‘N’ Mums are personable, professional and understanding.

We understand your struggles and aspirations and want to support you to get there. With us, you will have support from our community to help you grow and become focused on achieving your goals.

Benefits of joining Bosses n Mums:

  • Connect with like-minded parents
  • Groups are non-judgemental
  • 20-minute free consultation
  • Be the first to know about new products and services
  • Exclusive training for members
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Be the first to gain access to events
  • Learn how to become your own boss
  • Get added to the exclusive forums and Bosses ‘N’ Mums instant messenger
  • Get featured on our website and social media platforms
  • Work with us


Our Values and Principles are important to us and are what we embed in our clients as we believe this is what it takes to grow and become successful in business as a mum.

More Benefits


Figure out your values and align your life with them.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Learn how to start a business while raising children.


Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.