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If you are looking for help to start or grow your business and finding it challenging with family life. Then apply for our programme that will help you to grow and reach your business and family goals

About Bosses 'N' Mums

We support ambitious women to set goals, create plans and get confident in growing their business while managing the demands of family life. Our programmes are designed for women who wish to start/grow a business while obtaining tips/hints on how to also manage family life. Our services help mums to get confident, motivated and find creative ways to thrive in their business and family life.


We focus on supporting women in managing their career, business and family life through our unique and flexible training courses.


Figure out your values and align your life with them.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Learn how to start a business while raising children.


Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.

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We focus on supporting ambitious women in managing their business and family life.

School Of Bosses ‘N’ Mums – Coming Soon

March 2019

 The School of Bosses ‘N’ Mums will be launching soon. The school will provide a range of courses for ambitious women who want to grow and achieve career and parenting success. Get ready to join our private community of ambitious and successful women!

Bosses ‘N’ Mums win the award

Congratualtions to Bosses ‘N’ Mums for winning the Glo Mama Award. Bosses ‘N’ Mums work hard to inspire and empower women to achieve and go after what they want. Bosses ‘N’ Mums aim to support you in every way possible. Thank you to all those who support Bosses ‘N’ Mums this award is for you too. Once again congratulations to Bosses ‘N’ Mums for all your hard work!

School of Bosses 'N' Mums

The School of Bosses 'N' Mums provides you with a wealth of training that you need to help manage your career and start your business life a pro.

Get new training every month.
Learn how to balance your career, business and family life.
Learn how to use tools and systems to help you run your business and achieve your goals.
Connect with other ambitious women and go-getters
Q+A Private coaching sessions (Exclusively for School of Bosses 'N' Mums Members')

Build your network!!

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